torstai 12. helmikuuta 2015

NIGHT ON EARTH pt. 2 // tampere 14.2.2015


NIGHT ON EARTH proudly presents an evening with the greatest and most danceable world music selected by devoted record collectors. The second round will be held with the same hit squad as the first one.

You will be able to hear Fredrik Lavik’s unique 45rpm East African records - Sweat under the tropical sunshine sounds of Markus-Setä’s French Caribbean hits - Dance to contemporary sounds of todays Sahara with Arsi Negele and travel all over the world with Otto J’s selected blend of dub influenced rhythms.

NIGHT ON EARTH is an event where you can dance to the psychedelic funk sounds and exotic rhythms all through the night!
You are warmly welcome to join the dance on the ROUND 2!

DJ FREDRIK LAVIK (Norway) [ / Jazzaggression / Soundway]
Sweaty Benga, lingala/soukouss, taarab and other East African obscurities

DJ Markus-Setä [Soul Sides]
Pan-tropical music from 60’s West Indies grooves to electronic afro

DJ Arsi Negele
Danceable West African rhythms from 70’s and wild contemporary sounds from sahara today

DJ Otto J
Global Blend of Saharan / Middle Eastern rhythms, countryside grooves from Thailand’s Isan & ‘with-no-borders’-selection of dub influenced echoes.

NIGHT: February 14th, 2015
TIME: 20:00 - break of dawn
PLACE: Only for RSVP’d persons, about 2 km from Tampere city center
Only for registered persons

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