perjantai 11. huhtikuuta 2014

hulda huima & jukka nousiainen @ squat dena ti 15.4.2014 klo20

Squat denalla on tiistaina 15.4.2014 kaks keikkaa;
- Jukka Nousiainen (
- Hulda Huima

shoutime klo 20 ->

tervetuloa kaikki!

keskiviikko 9. huhtikuuta 2014

night on earth / salakapakka 12.4.2014 tre

NIGHT ON EARTH proudly presents you an evening with the greatest and most danceable world music selected by devoted record collectors such as Fredrik Lavik - a norwegian record collector, who put together Kenya Special compilation from his record founds and Markus Setä - one of the top DJ's in Finlands Soul & Funk scen
e - now playing a set of his French Caribbean record founds!

NIGHT ON EARTH is an event where you can dance to the psychedelic funk sounds and exotic rhythms all through the night!
You are warmly welcomed to join the dance!

DJ FREDRIK LAVIK (Norway) / / Jazzaggression / Soundway
Sweaty Benga, lingala/soukouss, taarab and other East African obscurities

DJ Markus-Setä
Original Vinyls from the French Caribbean

DJ Arsi Negele
Danceable West African rhythms and mystic vibes from Ethio-Jazz vinyls & lo-fi tapes

DJ Otto J
Cumbia, West African quitar sounds and SE Asian grooves

April 12th
Salakapakka: about 2 km from keskustori, Tampere
Only for registered persons (contact via email)

Entry 5€
starting from 20:00
music and dancing continues til the break of dawn

for registration and exact location, contact:
mercurialframe @ gmail com
Give your (and your well known and behaving avecs) name, we will get back to you on friday evening with the location.

keskiviikko 2. huhtikuuta 2014

ville pirinen @ squat dena TRE 3.4.2014

Ville Pirinen keikalla Tampereen Squat Denalla To 3.4.2014 Klo 20!
Varaa hiluja Squatin tukikolehtiin!


PS. 12.4. Tampereen Salakapakassa olis NIGHT ON EARTH maailmanmusa-meiningit. Fredrik Lavik & Markus Setä ym. Siitä lisää tuonnempana. Stay tuned.