torstai 18. marraskuuta 2010

sielunruokaa mix

Yo. Radiolähetys-puolella hetken aikaa hiljasempaa.. ns ''syysloma''. Mutta tein tuollaisen sielukkaan miksauksen lämmittämään alkavaa talvea.

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sielunruokaa (dj arsi keva /

calypso king and the soul investigators - investigators tesifying (jive 7'')

darrell banks - our love (is in the pocket) (revilot 7'')

benny gordon and the soul brothers - a kiss to build a dream on (rca victor 7'')

jerry washington - let me get close to you (excello 7'')

carol jones - don´t destroy me (mutt 7'')

kings go forth - one day (mr c´s 7'')

patricia denson & the soul expressions - home from vietnam (achillean 7'')

bettye swann - (my heart is) closed for the season (capitol 7'')

fontella bass - talking about freedom (paula 7'')

jean & the darlings - how can you mistreat the one you love (volt 7'')

mary jane hoope & richie matta - stolen moments (funky delicacies lp)

johnson, hawkins, tatum & durr - you can´t blame me (capsoul 7'')

freddie scott - (you) got what i need (shout 7'')

bobby bland - yum yum tree (duke 7'')

chester randle´s soul senders - why did i let you go (anla 7'')

mitch mitchell & gene king - never walk out on you (prix 7'' / numero re lp)

bro. samuel cheatam - troubles of the world (one way 7'')

wendy rene - after laughter (stax 7'')

east of underground - java girl (wax poetics re lp)

little beaver - joey (cat 7'')

veniece - i still love you (hi 7'')

johnny cool & the counts -that´s you my love (custom 7'')

darondo - didn´t i (luv 'n haight re lp)

betty lavette - let me down easy (charly re 7'')